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  • 08 Jan, 2018

When you are spending a lot of money you like to be treated right!

It is our pleasure to be of service.  In fact our goal is World Class Customer Service.  You can tell by our reviews that we are working hard at that goal everyday! https://www.yelp.com/biz/austin-roofing-and-construction-austin

We answer our phones!
We show up on time!
We get you a bid for what YOU want/need!
We stay on time and on budget!
We stay in touch!  Especially if the weather pushes our "on time" part :D
We send a hand-written thank you note and gift after the project is completed!
We donate 1% of your project total back to the community of Austin!

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By Christine Bowen 10 Jan, 2018
Like Tom's Shoes we believe that a giving plan should be part of your business plan from the start.  We don't give away shoes though, we are a roofing company, we give away roofs.  We are proud to have donated a new re-roof to Garrison Park in South Austin.  A quote from Ric Castaneda, the park manager, "Christine, in behalf of the children that we serve, I thank you for your support.  It is heart warming to realize that there are people such as your company that is willing to help others."  To that we say, "Thank you Garrison Park for being here in south Austin with BBQ pits and an awesome pool!" 

It's just that, we serve the same children, their parents and friends.  As a local business we are here to serve Austin.  Everyday Austinites give us their hard earned money to replace and repair their roofs.  So we give back a portion of our hard earned money to say "Thank you for trusting us".  We all live here and if we all give here our community will be the best it can possibly be.  If you ask us it's pretty darn close.  We love you Austin and we look forward to giving away many more roofs in the future.  Here's to 2018 in the best city in the world!!

Your Community Members - Christine, Tim, Daisy, Christian, Tiffany, AJ, Troy & Jarett

By Christine Bowen 08 Jan, 2018
It is our pleasure to be of service.  In fact our goal is World Class Customer Service.  You can tell by our reviews that we are working hard at that goal everyday! https://www.yelp.com/biz/austin-roofing-and-construction-austin

We answer our phones!
We show up on time!
We get you a bid for what YOU want/need!
We stay on time and on budget!
We stay in touch!  Especially if the weather pushes our "on time" part :D
We send a hand-written thank you note and gift after the project is completed!
We donate 1% of your project total back to the community of Austin!

Roofing Austin Weird
By Christine Bowen 14 Dec, 2017

Roofs are the stronghold that keep the inside of your home safe from all of the elements that make us feel cold and uncomfortable. If they’re compromised at all, then the safety of your home is at risk.
If you plan on moving in the near future, you might be under the impression that you can just forget about roof problems and avoid the hassle of repairing them by selling your home as is, but it’s not that easy. Not only will a bad roof lower the value of your home, but after an inspection, you may be required to make those updates anyway. Waiting until the last minute will only cause stress. And, you can’t use a “brand new roof” to leverage the price of the home.
Before you list your house for sale, make sure you fix these 3 common issues:
Water is the last thing you want seeping into your home. Not only does it damage the overall structure, but it can also cause dangerous mold growth and create a welcoming environment for unsanitary pests. When it rains or hails, the roof is the first line of protection against water damage, and you need to make sure that it’s secure before you list it for sale.
Have you noticed any of the signs of a leaky roof, including curling shingles, stains on the ceiling, and signs of mold or mildew in the past several years? If any of these signs are evident, make repairs to both the home and the roof as soon as possible. We also recommend scheduling an inspection, as these signs aren’t always obviously noticeable.

Bad Gutters
Gutters protect against basement flooding. Additionally, viewers can see if they’re broken, which isn’t going to leave a good impression. Having your gutters replaced is a job that usually costs a lot less than a flooded basement. Additionally, new gutters will help you sell your home seamlessly.  Get it - seamlessly, seamless gutters :D
Too old
Traditional asphalt shingle roofs usually need to be replaced every 16 to 18 years . Because of how important your roof is to your home’s overall structure, you should have it replaced within its time frame. An outdated roof is more susceptible to leaks, caving in, and rotting. Additionally, when an inspector goes through the home and sees that the roof hasn’t been replaced in a very long time, they’re going to require you to replace it anyway. Luckily, a new roof can equal a return on investment around 62.9 percent after you sell the house. And, in a booming market like Austin, having the roof totally replaced will give you the ability to sell your home for a price much higher than it was when you originally bought it.
One of the best ways to sell your house quickly and at a high price is to make sure the roof is safe and sound. Any top realtor in Austin, TX would agree. Austin Roofing and Construction has all of the tools and expertise at hand to get your roof ready for inspections. Regardless of if you need some minor repair or a new custom roof, we can help.
By Christine Bowen 30 Oct, 2017
So you need a new roof...Don't you wish these things would last forever instead of just 15 - 25 years?

Not a lot of people have heard about these new 50 Year Manufacturer Warranties.

You can seriously buy one now and get your next roof free!

Say What?!!  Yes...Let me explain.

GAF & Owens Corning are the 2 largest manufacturers of shingle roofing products in the world.  Recently they have started offering 50 Year Warranties that are so inexpensive we often throw them in for free during a re-roof.  These 50 Year Warranties from the manufacturers entitle you to a new roof, materials + labor to install if there is a "manufacturer defect" any time during the first 50 years after installation.  Manufacturers Defect includes: "Cracking" of the shingles; "Curling" of the shingles is when the corners begin to curl up; "Granular Loss" of the shingles is then the rocky rough particles begin to fall off of the shingles leaving them bare.  Granular Loss is the most common and "build-up" will often be found in the gutters.

Here is the catch - The warranty only transfers once for free...

The average homeowner keeps their house 3 - 6 years these days.  The odds are you will sell your house and even if it does transfer to the next owners they will probably sell it too before the next 40 or so years.

So does it make sense to get a 50 year warranty?

Yes, yes it does.  It increases the value of your home so if we will throw it in for free, take it!  Also many investors know that the Austin Real Estate market is going up in value and it's good idea to keep rental properties.   An average "Lifetime Shingle" will last 35 Years, hedge your bets...it could pay off.


By Christine Bowen 02 Aug, 2017
When you are a local company it means a lot to be recognized for your continued efforts to better your community and industry.  We were recently presented with the honor of being finalists at the Greater Austin Business Awards.   Here is an exerpt from the Austin Chamber Press Release:

 The award is one of 11 categories in the Chamber’s annual Greater Austin Business Awards program. Now in its 17th year, the program    celebrates excellence in the local business community which helps make the Austin region one of the most desirable places in the world to live, work and play.

“We are excited to recognize local employers of all sizes who demonstrate excellence in a broad range of areas. The business awards is a celebration recognizing the role business plays in our communities – providing jobs, supporting local services, growing leaders and giving back to those in need,” said Lyn Chasteen, Vice President of Engagement, Austin Chamber.

The finalists and winners for each category will be announced during an awards ceremony at the Austin Hilton on August 30, 2017, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Event and registration are open to the public


As for us we will be waiting on the edge of our seats that night...

The Team at ARC

By Christine Bowen 21 Jul, 2017
As many of us know Central Texas is uber local.   We believe in the strength and durability of a local economy.   Community members buying from local farmers, manufacturers & service providers keeps more money in Central Texas.   Years have passed since we've had a strong roofing coalition and we need one!   A few roofing company owners, like us, are ready for that real roofing coalition here in Austin & representing the Central Texas area. We all know the benefits of professional associations in our chosen fields. Here is what CTXRC will focus on:

A Better Industry Today & Tomorrow
  • Protect the Consumer
  • Increase Knowledge
  • Community Involvement
  • Promote Good Will
  • Monthly Luncheons
  • Quarterly Happy Hours
  • Annual Golf Tournament & Annual Chili Cook Off
  • Benefiting Construction Non-Profits
Why Join?
  • Local Construction & Business Education
  • Sharing Industry Experience & New Ideas
  • Scholarships for Students Pursuing Construction & Project Management Degrees and Certificates
  • Addressing Issues Here in Central Texas
  • Giving Back to Our Community Through Local Construction Non-Profits
  • Sub-Contractor members (the only coalition that focuses on inviting and training sub-contractors)
Our official launch party & membership drive will be in October 2017.  Visit us at our website www.CTXRC.org   to receive an invitation to the launch, stay in touch with us and to get updates about and from the Coalition.  Want to talk? Call us at 512-629-4949 and ask for Christine.

From the Founders,

Tyler Wells - Roof Right Now - www.roofrightnow.com/
Stacie Feller - Kanga Roofing - www.KangaRoofAustin.com
Christine Bowen - Austin Roofing and Construction - www.austinroofingandconstruction.com/

By Christine Bowen 05 Jul, 2017
By Christine Bowen 08 Nov, 2016
Hello Austin. The Best Time of the Year for many of us is around the corner however we still have community members in need. Housing costs and cost of living are going up in our beautiful city leaving some community members with out the funds to do much needed home repairs. Repairs to keep their homes from falling apart.

All of us know that Austinites are getting pushed out of their fair city due to rising property taxes and utilities.

How can a roofing company help? We can give away a free roof. How can you help? You can nominate a friend or family member in need. Nominations for our Free Roof for Christmas give away opened November 1st. They will stay open until December 1s 2016. Nominate a freind or a family member today at https://www.austinroofingandconstruction.com/free-roof
By Christine Bowen 26 Oct, 2016

The funniest thing I have heard in this industry came from our Hardie Siding rep, Mike.  Over lunch he said he only wants to work with real construction companies not a  "Chuck in a Truck".  The term still makes me giggle.  If you're not familiar with the term it refers to someone who slaps a magnet onto the door of their truck and calls themselves a contractor. 

Thing about Chuck is that he seems nice and he doesn't cost that much.  Most likely Chuck is a good guy.  However there is an association built up strong here in Texas because sometimes Chuck isn't a nice guy after all. 

It’s hard to know who you can trust! The Roofing Contractors Association of Texas was developed for 2 main reasons.   One is to provide training, licensing and continuing education to local roofing companies. The second reason is to push for legislation requiring registration & licensing for roofing companies.  We currently have licensing requirements for plumbers, electricians, HVAC techs, realtors, tow truck drivers but not for most of the home-building trades?

This article by KXAN is a few years old but I think it is still very relevant to Travis County.

RCAT takes the pressure off of you by verifying that a contractor has met the standards of a true professional roofing contractor.  For a Roofing company to be eligible the company must be domiciled in the  state of Texas for at least three continuous years & carry insurances such as General Liability and Workman's Compensation.  After a thorough credit and background check, the owner must pass the business and safety knowledge exam including residential and commercial roofing exams.  The licensed roofing company is then required eight hours of continuing education each year to maintain their license.


Austin Roofing and Construction
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Austin, TX 78704

By Christine Bowen 24 Aug, 2016

All roofing projects are different. Your neighbor and you may have similar homes but the details can be widely different.   Dimensions and pitch vary by home plan & one roof could be more worn or weather damaged due to height and placement on property.  Also you might want to add special features to your roof replacement such as ridge vent, solar panels (always popular in Austin) or architectural shingles and voila you've got a unique roofing project.

Get Quotes From Trusted Local Roofing Companies

The best way to find out the price of your new roof is to get a few quotes.  Most of our local roofing companies will give Free Estimates.  Note prices that are considerably lower as they may be cutting some corners (like drip edge).  Today is the day of the internet review, do your research and ask your friends and family what they know about the local roofers.  Hail damage is a constant with storms in Central Texas, thousands of roofs each year are replaced by the homeowner's insurance policies.  So ask the roofer to look for signs of wind & hail damage while they are inspecting.

How a Roofing Project is Estimated

The dimensions of your roof are the first consideration.  A roof is measured in "squares".  100 Sq. Ft. = 1 Square.  Measure the perimeter of the outside of your home, now look at your roof overhangs (eaves & gables) how much do they hang over? If it is 1 foot on each side then increase your lengths &/ width by 2 feet.  W x L = sub-total measurement.  Next is the pitch there are simple tools to help find the pitch.  Each pitch will increase the amount of materials needed differently see this chart for multiplication factors for each pitch -

2/12 pitch = 1.01            5/12 pitch = 1.08            10/12 pitch = 1.30               16/12 pitch = 1.67

3/12 pitch = 1.03           6/12 pitch = 1.12             12/12 pitch = 1.41               18/12 pitch = 1.80

4/12 pitch = 1.05           8/12 pitch = 1.20             14/12 pitch = 1.54

Sub total x pitch factor = Sub-sub total                      Sub-sub total x 1.1 (waste factor) = Total materials to be ordered                                                                                                           (remember to divide this  last number by 100 to = Squares)

 * The steeper the pitch the more expensive the roof will be as safety precautions increase with the pitch*

Materials - This is the fun part!  There is no shortage of shingle options, tile or metal options.  Colors and textures change the look and curb appeal of your home.  50 year warranties are also available and they increase the value of your home.  Call local suppliers and ask them the price per square for the materials you like. 

The age of the home matters and here's why.  There are materials all around and under your roof; Examples are fascia, decking & soffit.  These break down over time and the best time to replace them is when you are replacing your roof.  Decking is unseen until the roof covering is pulled up. 

2 stories or 1?  Like the pitch, the second story on your project will increase the safety concerns of the job and therefore the price.

The style of the roof is also very important.  An easy A frame house will have straight forward installation with minimal "special cuts" being made to the material.  A roof that has many architectural intricacies increases "special cuts" made to the material increasing material waste and labor time.  These roofs are referred to in the industry as "Cut Up".

Regional pricing is a real thing in roofing.  The good news is you live in Texas, one of the least expensive regions, GO TEXAN!

Disposal is also needed when tearing off an old roof for replacement requiring dump trailers and a trip or 2 to the local recycling facility or dump.

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