Insurance Claims

1: You suspect you have hail damage & probably want to
     file a claim if it is extensive.

2: Call a local roofing company to inspect for hail damage
     & to asses if it is extensive enough to get the claim

3: Call your insurance company to file the claim.

4: The adjuster will call you to tell you when he/she will be
     out to inspect the damage.

5: The claim is approved.  You will receive the claims
     paperwork via email.  This details all of the specific
     damage that the insurance company is paying to fix.

6: You will receive the first check called ACV (Actual Cash
     Value).  This is the first of 2 checks.  Sign & deposit into

     your bank account.

7: Call the local roofing company that you have chosen to
     go with.  You will be asked to cut a check from your
     account for the amount of the 1st check plus your

8: The project gets scheduled and all the work is done
     exactly as directed by claims paperwork.

9: Upon completion of the project the roofing company
    will send documentation and certification of completion
    to the insurance company.  Thus releasing the final
    check (Depreciation).

10:  You deposit the last check into your account and then
        write a check to the roofing company.

11:  Receive a thank you note from the roofing company.

12:  Contact your insuranec agent and let them know you have a brand new roof and to endorse your policy to reflect the new roof. This will often result in a reduced premium on your homeowners policy.
Q. What is the claims paperwork?
A.  This is the docu
ment detailing what areas the insurance company is paying to fix and how much they are paying for
       the work. 

Do I need to get all the work done that the claims paperwork specifies?
A. The insurance company will not re-insure items of the home not repaired.  Meaning if the same area suffers damage
      later the insurance company will not authorize payment due to the item not being repaired in the last claim.  Often
      there are follow-up inspections done to make sure the property was repaired to specifications.

. What is ACV (Actual Cash Value)?
A.  It is the total replacement cost minus depreciation(age & weathering).

Q. Do I call my agent or the company directly to file the claim?
A. Have your agent help you file the claim.  They are going to know the claims process and will make sure everything is
     coded properly.

Q. Is the roofing company supposed to meet the adjuster?
The adjuster typically likes to do his/her job without the assistance of a roofer.  However in the case that the claim in
     denied it is a good idea to have the roofing company there to meet the adjuster for the re-inspection of the damage.

Why do roofing companies ask for the claims paperwork?
In most cases the roofing company is who will be submitting completion documents to the insurance company to
     certify all work has been done to specification.  Without the claims paperwork we can not submit final paperwork to
     the insurance company.

Why is payment from the insurance company made with 2 separate checks?
The insurance companies like to have leverage to make sure the work gets completed.

Do I have to pay my deductible?  There are companies who say I don't have to pay it.
In order to get full payment from the insurance company someone has to submit paperwork indicating that the
     deductible has been paid.  To falsify documents sent to the insurance company is a felony in the state of Texas.  It is
      insurance fraud.

What if I don't have the funds to pay my deductible?
We offer financing for all credit types with options to pay over time.  Typically loan periods are 3 - 10 years.

I spent the first check already but I really need to get the work done!
We offer financing for all credit types with options to pay over time.  Typically loan periods are 3 - 10 years

Do I get a new roof discount from my insurance company now?
Some insurance companies will issue a new roof discount once completion has been certified.

Can I get an upgraded roof? Examples: Metal / Hail Resistant Shingle
Yes you can!  You just pay/finance the difference in cost & or installation.

Is my new roof a class 4 hail resistant material?
Some are and we can give you a form certifying this for your insurance company.  You may get up to a 20% discount
     on your homeowner's insurance!  NOTE:  You will give up future claims for "cosmetic damage" like hail unless it
     actually makes holes through your roof.

Is there a warranty on my new roof?
We offer workmanship warranties insuring you against poor installation - 5 years for shingles & 10 years for metal. 
     We also offer 50 year material warranties that we highly suggest.  We typically will include a standard 50 year
     warranty for qualifying insurance re-roofs (upgraded materials required).  There is also an upgraded 50 year warranty
     from GAF that holds significant benefits.

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